Our Services

Designed to address unique organizations and their communities, our services offer your organization a comprehensive approach to capital campaign planning and management.

When it's time to hire a capital campaign consulting company, you want one with integrity, experience and a track record of success. CampaignCounsel.org has conducted over 70 studies, 60 capital campaign and helped clients raise over $175 million.

CampaignCounsel.org's experience and expectations extend beyond the competitions' and our campaign services are measurably more comprehensive.

We provide the following exceptional services:

Capital campagin audit team

Campaign Audit

We work with your organization to determine its readiness for a capital campaign. Learn more about campaign audit services.

Capital camapign planning professionals

Campaign Planning

We work with your community to measure its ability and willingness to support the project. Learn more about campaign planning services.

Capital campaign management ground breaking

Campaign Management

We work with your organization and community to meet your fundraising goals. Learn more about campaign management services.

Needs assessment advisor

Needs Assessment

We help your organization better understand how to succeed and grow through research, interviews, and more. Learn more about needs assessment services.