Our staff has 40 years of fundraising experience.

Kevin Wallace, CampaignCounsel.org President and capital campaign consultant

Kevin Wallace, President & Consultant

With over 15 years of fundraising experience, Kevin has the knowledge and expertise to serve as President of CampaignCounsel.org.

Kevin is based in Tucson, AZ where he loves to run and hates the heat.

Say hi: kevin@campaigncounsel.org

Amanda Evey, CampaignCounsel.org capital campaign consultant

Amanda Evey, Data Management and Consultant

Amanda has 10 years of combined experience in supporting military operations through technical writing and teaching high school English and English as a Second language to adults.

She's based in Burke, Virginia, which is in the National Capital region. She enjoys traveling with her husband and son and exploring rich historical regions locally and internationally such as Israel.

Say hi: amanda@campaigncounsel.org

Carlyn Runnels, CampaignCounsel.org capital campaign consultant

Carlyn Runnels, Systems and Information Director & Consultant

With 10 years of fundraising experience, Carlyn supports clients and consultants in all facets of CampaignCounsel.org's services.

Carlyn is based in Missoula, MT where she does community theatre and attempts to garden.

Say hi: carlyn@campaigncounsel.org

Melissa Sais, CampaignCounsel.org capital campaign consultant

Melissa Sais, Communications Director & Consultant

Melissa also brings 15 years of fundraising and development communications consulting to the team at CampaignCounsel.org.

Melissa is based in Albuquerque, N.M. She has three kids and loves to travel with her husband to big events like the Kentucky Derby or just to the beach.

Say hi: melissa@campaigncounsel.org