Campaign Audit

Is your capital campaign destined to reach its goal on time and within budget? Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Are there clear and present needs and benefits to conducting a campaign?
  • Are board(s) and community leaders ready and willing to participate?
  • Is there sufficient capacity to initiate a capital campaign?

Need/Benefit: why are you considering a campaign? Is it because your leadership simply wants the money, or is it because there is a clear need with measurable benefits?

Leadership: you can't do this alone! Are your board and community leaders able and/or willing to actively participate in your campaign?

Capacity: has your 'family' (your staff, volunteers and board members) been evaluated on and educated about the demands of a capital campaign?

Traditional feasibility studies do not spend sufficient time auditing the nonprofit's ability to conduct a campaign. Is the board ready? Is the staff ready? Are key leaders within the community prepared to participate?

Don't waste time and money by focusing on external constituencies before determining your internal capacity. Your campaign begins at home, with you, your staff, your leadership... and that's where your campaign planning process should begin!


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