Campaign Planning

Conducting a traditional feasibility study is an outdated approach, especially if your organization is facing unique circumstances. You need to know more than feasibility; you need to know who, what, when, where and why... and how.

Who are your best prospects for major gifts and leadership?
What is your best case for support?
When should your campaign and the phases within your campaign occur?
Where is a successful campaign going to take your organization and community?
Why are philanthropists going to invest personal and financial capital in your campaign as opposed to another?
How should your campaign position its case to optimize support?

CampaignCounsel.org partners with clients to discover the best means to raise capital. 

Campaign Planning is much more than 'feasibility'. It involves sharing everything we learn with the client to discover the best case for support, leaders, donors and plan.

CampaignCounsel.org's Campaign Planning provides all the tools you will need to start a campaign, regardless if we are hired to manage the campaign.


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